Primary Tuition

1st edition is here to support your children develop a solid foundation of maths and English skills, from basic reading, writing and numeracy to preparation for SATs.


1st edition also prepares young students for the 11 plus entrance exam. 

Tuition is one-to-one or small groups in the comfort of your own home, or mine, and is at a pace which suits your child.

Using a variety of methods, from traditional styles to using computers and apps, Lyndsey engages your child fostering a love of learning and a passion to thrive and exceed. From board games to mental games, websites to worksheets, 1st edition applies a variety of styles personally tailored to suit the learning needs of your child.

1st edition offers a wide range of reading, writing and mathematics skills, in line with the National Curriculum, including:

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

  • Reading and Comprehension

  • Vocabulary

  • Handwriting

  • Creative and Descriptive Writing

  • Primary Maths (including basic numeracy, multiplication tables, problem solving, fractions, algebra, geometry, etc.)

  • 11+ Grammar School Entrance Exam Preparation for the CEM and GL tests (including non-verbal and verbal reasoning, also group mock exams)

Please see my testimonals pages for reviews from parents and students.

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