GCSE and Secondary Pupils

Comments from parents and students

Lyndsey has tutored my son for eighteen months and his confidence with English has soared. His teachers have complimented him on his progress in the subject and I feel secure in the knowledge that without Lyndsey’s help he would’ve struggled to secure a good GCSE grade. We are now confident that a pass is well within his capabilities and hope for even more.

Lyndsey comes to our home and is relaxed, friendly and funny and my son has a great relationship with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her tutor any of my other children should they require extra help with English or Maths in the future and have already recommended her to other friends and been thanked by them for it.


Lyndsey is absolutely fantastic. My son (fifteen years) used to go to a tutor and hated it, computer-based learning, open office, no personal touch, I suppose you live and learn. 

He looks forward to Lyndsey's weekly visits and has become very receptive to her teaching methods. Her style is relaxed, and she tailors lessons to your child as an individual, often taking into consideration their interests. Her lessons have, and continue to make a huge difference and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone.


My daughter's (fourteen years) confidence is continually growing (and her hatred for maths shrinking 😃), attitude, performance and results have improved. My daughter has established a good relationship with Lyndsey and we are now considering English lessons as Lily enjoys this subject and wants to take it further.' 


Lyndsey was perfect! Skillful, friendly, compassionate and humorous which in turn switched on the lightbulb and focus for my son , a light he had completely turned off well before the start of year 11. I totally made the right decision to seek help support from a brilliant tutor to guide him to the finish line.


He did good a grade 5 . On effort motivation and drive alone without tuition he would have been lucky to get a 3 ! I am so confident in the impact of tutoring my other son (year 11) starts his sessions next week.


I am very pleased with Jacob's progress since he has been having private tuition with Lyndsey. I would not hesitate to recommend 1st edition. Lyndsey has been super with Jacob and he has really made good progress since missing a few weeks of school with a dislocated knee. He has shown a significant improvement and has increased confidence in this subject. His effort was reflected in his recent progress report and his teacher has commented on his improvement. I initially asked Lyndsey to help him catch up but will definitely be continuing with his tuition until he leaves school and I am also considering my youngest son for private tuition too.

Many thanks, Lyndsey!


I have been working with Lyndsey for eight months preparing for my GCSE English exam. I am twenty-nine years old and haven't done any academic work since leaving school in 2004. Working with Lyndsey has helped me build my self confidence and has dramatically improved my reading and writing skills. Her work ethic is phenomenal and she is very knowledgable and understanding. Each tuition session was very well prepared and her way of teaching is easy to understand. I know how far I have come during these eight months and I now read every day, which I never did before. I will be starting university with loads of confidence and new abilities.

Thank you, Lyndsey. 


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