1st edition

Personalised and Private

English and Maths Tuition in

the Rossendale Valley

1st edition offers private and personally tailored English, maths and 11 plus tuition, based on the new National Curriculum, to students aged six onwards and adults. Please click on the link from the drop down menu to find out more about the service you require.

Lessons are generally one hour long and take place in the comfort of your own home or – if you wish – in mine. Fees are between £23 - £35, dependent upon age and needs.

1st edition offers an individual and diligently prepared, child-centred tuition service designed to motivate and engage students to gain an interest and passion in the subject, to improve your child’s skills in the particular areas required and, if required, to compliment the learning taking place in school to aid your child’s achievement in the English and maths curriculum.

1st edition prides themselves on fostering positive mentor relationships to ensure you and your child feels free to ask any questions throughout the sessions enabling them to deepen their understanding of each topic and to build their confidence.

An initial free consultation is available to determine you and/or your child’s needs and your expectations as parents/guardians to access how Lyndsey can best offer support to your child and how to improve their English and maths skills. 

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