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1st edition

Professional and Creative Writing,

Copy-editing, Proofreading Packages

 and Web Design

in the Rossendale Valley

Are you a sole-trader or small business looking for a professional touch for your newsletters, blogs, website and leaflets?

Are you a writer or author writing your first piece/novel? Are you unsure how to self publish your work or where to go next?

Are you a student needing support with correct grammar and vocabulary when writing assignments and dissertations?

1st edition is here to offer a range of services. My experience working with small businesses and writers has led me to learning an array of new skills providing me with the knowledge to offer a variety of packages, dependant upon your needs.


You may be a small business who has a clear vision and message but struggles with grammar, punctuation and spelling, or who finds social media a challenge.

Or an author who is writing a novel or novella and requires copy-editing and proofreading. Maybe you're looking for advice and feedback on structure, character development or creating mood and atmosphere. 

You may be a student at college or university who loves their chosen subject but struggles with grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling. Lyndsey will work alongside your college/university's guidelines to give your work a high quality finish.

The services and packages offered include:

  • Writing and re-writing, including newsletters  and blogs,

  • Copy-editing and proof-reading, including novels, short stories, academic assignments and dissertations

  • Typesetting for hardback and paper copies, and

  • Creating and updating company websites.

Please contact me for further details and prices.

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For further information on 1st edition's tuition and copy-editing services,

please email or telephone using the details at the top of each page. 

Thank you for visiting my site.

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